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Added on:  29 Feb 2012
Author/Source:  Bill Brown and Markus Graf
Author's email/website:  n/a
Posted by:  Eamonn
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03 Jul 2012
Thanks for sharing.

There are however two basic errors in the article. It says on the first page "on the drive end side of this filter a safety valve is incorporated, which allows oil to bypass...... In this case the end cap is lifted off the filter element......" That cannot happen. What happens is that if the filter gets clogged, the oil pressure pushes it (the whole filter with caps) towards the drive side, thus opening a bypass hole in the "bottom" of the filter (timing side), allowing unfiltered oil to enter and bypassing the filter element.

Further on it says "After passing the filter, the oil pressure lifts a non-return valve which will prevent oil seeping back down into the crankcase....". That is not correct. The function of this ball valve is to prevent oil from seeping down from the oil tank via the oil pump and to the sump. The valve cannot hinder oil from the top end to seep down since it will do this anyway very quickly via the center main bearing and big end bearings.

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