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Added on:  31 Jan 2008
Author/Source:  John Fingles/ Tom Walker
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Posted by:  Biscuit
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18 Apr 2009
I would think that stainless bolts through aluminium crankcases would be better than non stainless, surely?
By Jos
01 Sep 2010
Electrolitic corrosion is caused by dis-similar metals in an electrolite (ei: British winter).
While there should be no difference between steel & s/s the fact is most bolts are coated, usually with zinc which is a low reactive metal or, in my case, cadmium which is now of course verboten because of its toxicity (they were done 25 years ago) I also as a matter of course assemble pretty well everything with Finnigans Waxoil. Brilliant stuff, stops corrosion, keeps water out, lubricates and is kind to rubber, plastics and hands. Sorry that sounded a bit like an advert, but I love the stuff. It's good for polishing chrome too :)
By GDPR removal 117788
06 Aug 2018

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