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Machine History - Twins (500cc-750cc)

Capacity Model (AJS - Matchless) Introduced
500cc 20 and G9 1948  
20 De Luxe and G9 De Luxe
20CS and G9CS
20CSR and G9CSR
550cc 20B and G9B 1954 *
600cc 30 and G11 1956  
30CS and G11CS
30CSR and G11CSR
650cc 31 and G12 1958  
31 De Luxe and G12 De Luxe
31CS and G12CS
31CSR and G12CSR
750cc G15/45 1962 *
G15 (AMC) 1964  
33 and G15
33CSR and G15CSR
G15 Mk II

To stay in competition with other British manufacturers, the first AMC twin was introduced in 1948 and went for export only, of course there were two 500cc models, the AJS Model 20 and the Matchless G9.

The engine, although similar to the normal English parallel twin in appearance, was different to the others in that it had seperate barrels and heads, gear driven camshafts front and rear, and was unique in that it has a centre bearing. AMC stuck to this design on all the twins until they started fitting the Norton Atlas engines.

All the twins, be they road or competition, looked very much like the single of the same year, but obviously with two or Siamese exhaust pipes. Almost all the options, extras and tuning mods applied to both singles and twins.

* - These models were intended only for the North American market, but in recent years quite a few have found their way back to this country. Some were even purchased by American servicemen and taken wherever they were posted, as they normally had the opportunity to take their wheels with them or were able to buy American specification vehicles through the base.

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