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Machine History - Heavyweight Singles

350cc 500cc
16M and G3L 18 and G80
16MS and G3LS 18S and G80S
16 and G3 18 and G80 (Major)
16 and G3 (Sports)  

The four basic models that AMC started after the WW2 were the 16M, G3L, Model 18 and G80. The 16M and G3L models are the direct descendants of the War Office Matchless which so many learned to ride in their Service days. The Model 18 and G80 models are identical except for the larger engine capacity.

As time went on, improvements and model expansion also increased, the first being the competition models, the 16MC and G3LC for trials and scrambles.

In 1949 the biggest change came with the introduction of rear suspension, when an 'S' was added to the marque code, i.e. 16MS, G80S and so on. This rear suspension became known as 'candlestick suspension' and it was replaced by the sturdier 'jampot suspension' in 1951. Both these units were made in-house.

1957 saw the final change to the rear suspension, dropping the 'jampots' and buying-in Girling units.

Obviously, over the life of the factory many changes were made to all the models, some to improve comfort and others to improve efficiency and speed.

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