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Spark plugs - Use B6EV instead of NGK
(Added : 8/1/1997 Hits : 2851 Rating: 10 Votes: 2)
Further to the recent article on sparking plugs, John Benson of Stratford-on Avon offers the following observation and advice on NGK plugs.

Sparkplug NGK equivalents
(Added : 12/1/1995 Hits : 2575)

Ignition - capacitor (& 2MC)
(Added : 7/1/1997 Hits : 2103) PDF File
More and more coil ignition machines seem to appear on the trials circuit these days. With what seems to be a recent discovery that lightweights can be quite effective as trials irons, queries now commonly crop up regarding the conversion of battery/coil ignition to non battery systems.

Ignition- Capacitor -2MC or equivalents
(Added : 10/1/1997 Hits : 2079)
I was interested in the recent article an the 2MC capacitor.

Ignition timer, Using fins as a handy guide
(Added : 4/1/2000 Hits : 3053 Rating: 10 Votes: 1)

Ignition timing
(Added : 12/1/1998 Hits : 2708) PDF File
Ignition timing

Ignition Timing - disc or rod ?
(Added : 8/1/2001 Hits : 2948) PDF File
Ignition Timing - disc or rod ?

Spark plugs - hot & cold
(Added : 12/1/1997 Hits : 2092) PDF File
Hot and cold, hard and soft are about as confusing to some people as dry wine is to someone who quite clearly can see that it’s wet.

Ignition timing - L/W
(Added : 5/1/1994 Hits : 32856) PDF File
Ignition timing - L/W

Condenser - NO to remote fitting
(Added : 3/1/2001 Hits : 2268)
Dizzy capacitors ... oh dear me N0 N0, N0, DO NOT put the condenser with the ignition coil. Yes it does work, but only for a while.

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