Heart of England notes October 2008

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Heart of England notes October 2008

Postby lawrence » Sun Dec 14, 2008 5:28 pm

At Heart of England we often discuss ‘how things were’ so Tony Smith took us back in time for his ‘Rural Run’. We met at Scoffers café for a hearty breakfast, pleased to be joined by Alan Jacobs from East London and his gorgeous wife Jeanette. Torrential rain did not deter our intrepid group as we wound down roads so unused they had grass growing on them! Tony led us through some fantastic scenery to a pub with cheap beer and free food. Many amongst us thought they had ascended to heaven. Top man Tony! Prior to this, our evening run to Jampot Spares had only two riders, quite exceptional. The reason became obvious upon arrival, as the majority had cheekily gone straight there to get their snouts in the food and drink trough first. At least we are consistent! KCB’s new mechanic made the trip worthwhile, as the picture shows. The highlight of our month though had to be Louise’s ‘Ladies Evening’. If reproduced nationally this event could be a good way to reduce the pension bill, as we all nearly died laughing! ‘Lady’s items in a bag’ competition was fiercely contested but eventually won by Dave and Jon who both showed a surprising knowledge of lady’s bits! The funniest part of the night was the ‘dressing-up competition’ whence the men raced to put on a delightfully assembled dress with accessories. It was worrying how much some members enjoyed donning skirts etc but even scarier was how they looked. Discretion dictates that I decline to say whether it was good or bad. I am just pleased that make-up was not permitted! Prizes were awarded to John for shininess and glamour, Dave for presentation and to Conway for ‘character’. Chocolate decorated fruit put the seal on a grand night. All this and Sunday roast at the Jampot Rally courtesy of Les and his mum. No wonder we are almost fully subscribed! If you want to join us, be quick. Coming up; a full season of winter entertainments. Check the website for details. I hope I have the stamina to keep up….

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