Heart of England notes August2008

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Heart of England notes August2008

Postby lawrence » Sun Dec 14, 2008 5:25 pm

Heart of England have declared barbecue month! Barry and Pamís evening barbie got us off to a good start with a full house. Besides being gorgeous, Pam is also an ace hostess and (with some help from Barry) gave us a sparkling evening. Everyone blamed the rain for delaying their departure home but actually we were having such a good time no-one wanted to leave! The following Sunday the delectable Lyn (with some help from Bob) entertained us equally well. Conversely, their event was blessed with glorious weather until everyone had gone home. Amongst those gathered were Mick, Tina, Chris, Liz, John, Jon, Conway, Gaye, Bill and, after a long absence, Barry C. Unusually, more arrived in cars than on bikes! A few went scrambling round Bobís field on his Hodaka if they could get Mick off it. Most preferred to stand around eating and applauding his efforts. Bob is hot on the Hod but Mick is either seriously good or completely mental, mainly riding with at least a foot of daylight under both wheels. It was pointed out to Tina that the nearest ambulance station was twenty miles away but she said it was all right because she was a nurse. Has it ever struck you as funny, how many bikers end up with nurses for partners? Must be the survival instinct, a sort of supply and demand on a primeval level. Still, no incidents to report there, we just had to pick the nettles and grass from between the teeth of his big grin. By mid-afternoon John's kebabs had disappeared and drink stocks were dwindling so it was back to the blindfold tractor-driving competition. The rules became very flexible and as Bill drove, with Conway in the hot seat, Jon sneaked over and opened the field gate. We are not certain whether Bill realised how long his route was but Gaye took photos with his camera as they disappeared. I wonder what he thought when he got home and looked through them. As Bobís bonus, Chris was so fascinated by the ride-on mower he cut all the grass! Duly voted Bob and Lynís best event ever! Finally, with the VMCC car park concours, it was as always a great month to be in Heart of England. Coming up; Ladies night, JSL run, Tonyís rural run and more barbies. Remember, dieting is for winter!

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