Heart of England notes May 2008

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Heart of England notes May 2008

Postby lawrence » Sat Apr 19, 2008 9:15 pm

A big Heart of England welcome to Mick Clarke. Mick is a scrambles man and has a G80S with plans to add a G12csr. He joined us on our evening run to Star Rowing in Bedford led by the ‘man(iac) with no name’. On the run we triggered a speed camera, turned right at a ‘no right turn’, went the wrong way down a one way street, rode along a cycle path, scrambled across grass. It was great, like being sixteen again! Entering Bedford we encountered a police roadblock, obviously set up to catch us, damn those new-fangled radio cars! Our masked leader outsmarted the fuzz though by tearing off down the back roads with us in close tow. Everyone said it was such a fun ride they wanted MWNN to lead us every time. I don’t think my nerves could take it. I hope Mick doesn’t think every HoE ride is like that! At the Star Club it was good to see Big Geoff again, a very popular chap. His wife has been poorly and we all send our best wishes to her. Louise, Liz and Pam rode with us too, our own Three Graces. Such beauty, it is worth turning up just to gaze upon their loveliness.

At the previous meeting the continually growing and mutating TT board game got off to a reluctant start as Conway had to be pressured into getting it out. After clarifying the request he was happy to produce the board. The redesigned game was an enormous success with only two members fainting. Our ecstatic winner, Elaine, apparently couldn’t believe her luck. From here on in it can only get better Elaine. Tim was 2nd, Barry 3rd and last was Bob who suffered an inordinate amount of bad luck. Sweet Louise designed and presented celebratory certificates to the lucky winners, kissing them all on each cheek. A special award went to Alan Jones who travelled all the way from Colchester to take part. He is trying to see how many sections he can visit in a month. Well done that man, crazy but well done. He could have just phoned us for the results. We were all very pleased to see him but felt secretly glad we weren't faced with his 90 mile ride home in chilly temperatures.Coming up; Stoke Bruerne run, Jampot open day and a MYSTERY run. Keep the faith Brothers!

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