Heart of England notes April 2008

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Heart of England notes April 2008

Postby lawrence » Sat Apr 19, 2008 9:12 pm

Heart of England were pleased to see Tony Smith following his recent spell in hospital. We were all very glad he is back on his feet again and planning to lead some runs for us. He and Pam were much missed at our annual dinner. We had a jolly night, everyone took on the persona of a movie star for the night. Sean Connery aka Chris Talbot gave a splendid after dinner speech recalling the club events of 2007. Robert Redford convincingly impersonating Jim Gunn was a highlight as was Geri, definitely a ‘Rear of the Year’. A splendid time had by all. A few days later ‘Rick’s History Quiz’ taxed and entertained us for the evening. Can you name Henry VIII’s surviving wife? We can now! It was a superb quiz with everyone fairly closely matched. Louise was the glamorous adjudicator and ensured fair play. With HoE that can be tricky. The grand prize of a tin of chocolates was won by Brainy Tim with other prizes to the runners up. The lovely Liz was top scorer for the girls, beautiful and clever. Such was the enthusiasm afterwards that there was even talk of forming an historical society within the section. Luckily after a few beers it got forgotten! I’m not going to remind them, er oops! It made john reminisce about his thirty year old washing machine. He purchased a pile of spares for it in 1982 but is now on the last motor. Probably right now he is adapting a G80 engine to fit. The summer events calendar is now completed, ask if you want a copy or check our website for details. Coming up; Evening runs to Eversholt and Stoke Bruerne. Sunday runs to Finchingfield, Stafford and Rushden Cavalcade. Don’t be square, be there and dig the scene man!

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