Heart of England notes November 2008

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Heart of England notes November 2008

Postby lawrence » Sun Dec 14, 2008 5:30 pm

Many thanks to Bob Nunn for this month's notes.

September saw the Heart of Englandís section quill and inkwell being pushed from person to person. I thought Iíd got away with it but Lawrence secreted them in my panniers while I wasnít looking so if you want to skip to the Kent section notes, now would be a good time. `Just for a couple of months' he said - where have I heard that before? Anyway, the first evening run of the month to Quainton proved to be one of the driest of the summer and four out of the six bikes that set out made it without incident. Poor Mick's twin fulfilled its ambition to become a single before even reaching the meeting point and he was last seen phoning Carol Nash. We suspect this could be the start of an affair but we won't tell his wife. Barry and Pam meanwhile managed the whole run but despite the refurbished dynamo and new battery once again they went home with bicycle lights and a white cane. The run to the Turweston Vintage and Classic day the following Sunday provided an excellent chance to admire dozens of interesting aircraft as they flew in and to duck as the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight's Spitfire and Hurricane buzzed the airfield. We were even treated to an unscheduled flypast by the last flying Vulcan bomber but most of us spent the day sifting through endless boxes of junk at the jumble, always a favourite pastime. The fine weather made the day although serious doubts about the section arose when they failed to descend on the local pub afterwards - always a bad sign. The balance was righted though at the end of the month when a record number turned up for the evening run to the Navigation at Castlethorpe for the winter planning evening - its always safer to be there to protest when your name is added to the list of event organisers! Beer was quaffed as plans for quizzes and log fire runs were laid and a moment or two was even set aside to discuss organising next year's Jampot rally. We got as far as sketching a badge but then it was time for another round and the subject was forgotten. Who knows, by August we might have decided on the colours.

Thanks Bob!

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