Heart of England notes June 2008

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Heart of England notes June 2008

Postby lawrence » Sun Dec 14, 2008 5:23 pm

Six hardy Heart of England souls on four bikes set out to Finchingfield on a cool and misty Sunday morning. Bob had already ridden his M18 for an hour and three quarters by the time he reached the departure point. The run via Saffron Walden was enjoyably twisty minor lanes all of the way. Elaine basked in the warmth from the heated saddle on Dave’s new BMW. Once parked up she invited us to feel how warm her rear was. Well, we don't get an invitation like that very often and soon the queue was round the corner. On arrival at Finchingfield we were most impressed with the sight of at least 50 bikes from 5 club sections. A lovely pub lunch was followed by a brisk walk round the very picturesque village and a good look at all of the lovely old bikes gathered there. After an enjoyable run home everyone felt it had been a very worthwhile early season jaunt. Thanks to FBHVC for organizing ‘Drive It’ day. The next evening meet saw Conway surrounded by an interested crowd as he showed his collection of ‘revealing’ photos. They were of the section in the 1980’s and ‘revealed’ how young many of the members once looked. All practically teenagers and not a Lenor bottle in sight. Jon’s clutch cable broke between pubs so John, Chris and Lawrence push started him. After the 100 yards needed to start him it was revealed that our trio had definitely passed their teenage years as they gasped, wheezed and clutched their chests! On the ride back Big Geoff’s single went faster than his lights. He must eat a lot of carrots. The big Stafford show was attended by our motley crew ably led by John. Having survived the breakfast encounter with Tracey there was little that could worry them. The following weekend we all picnicked under glorious sun at Rushden Cavalcade. What a magnificent location for sarnies, taking the rays and breathing all the steam fumes. Finally a packed month saw us riding to the Boat at Stoke Bruerne. Everyone is pleased that Bill sticks with us even if he does have a job keeping up now he doesn’t have an AMC mount. Well, AJS are Matchless! Coming up; Treasure hunts, barbecues, a new website and other alarums. Remain calm and stay with your machine!

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