Heart of England Notes December 2007

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Heart of England Notes December 2007

Postby lawrence » Thu Jan 03, 2008 5:34 pm

Congratulations from Heart of England to Rick on his election as advertising manager for the club. Our back pages are in good hands with him. Late October Susi staged her shamelessly sexist ‘Girlie Quiz’. A merry time was had by all as they vied to answer questions about lady’s and gent’s darkest habits. ‘Dark Traders’ team lost points with their answer to ‘what are a girl’s best friend’? though they would have got top marks for comedy! Ladies present stared sternly over the top of their reading glasses. Unsurprisingly everyone knew the answer to ‘what can’t girls have too much of’? With the final scores on the doors only three and a half points separated the top team from the bottom one. Louise, Jackie, Jon and Conway won as the imaginatively named ‘Team CJLJ’. Obviously it was unfair as they had the lovely Wheezy Anna on their side, a sure ploy to distract the opposing teams boys from their studies. Ay, she’s a bonny girl! Soon she will be tempting us with some cute little Teddy key rings at Jampot Spares, an ideal Christmas present for the wifelets. Our first November meet saw Bill bringing an early 20th century marine chronometer to show us. Conway brought a sextant and other navigational instruments in the vain hope that we could show him how to use them. He uses a GPS on the ocean now but has to always carry a spare. At least on sextants the battery can’t run out. Don’t miss John Bolton’s ‘Great Maintenance Debate’ on December 13th and our post-Christmas ‘Noggin and Natter’ on the 27th , both guaranteed to be entertaining. This month’s Jampot cover will be put in the shade in the New Year as Louise M and Liz T have faithfully promised to appear together on Liz’s Matchless. That will have the boys’ eyes a-popping! Merry rocking’n’rolling Christmas everybody and a happy New Year.

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