Section notes NOVEMBER 2003!!!!

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Section notes NOVEMBER 2003!!!!

Postby lawrence » Tue Jul 10, 2007 10:15 pm

Social life has been so hectic at the HEART OF ENGLAND lately that they’ve had no time to send in branch reports. This month has been no exception with a lively meet at The Swan for the start of the month. Chris and John each bought a gearbox in to show us how to make one good from two bad. They both went home empty-handed as both had severely bent mainshafts. How they both got bent shafts is a mystery that no amount of interrogation by the assembled members could uncover! We will watch those two carefully in future. Back at The Swan a few weeks later Bob was celebrating his imminent 50th birthday with copious amounts of ale. The talk turned to the fairness of the latest speed traps. Bob got his licence out to uncover his terrible history. Some of the convictions went so far back that the dates started MCM…….. This was preceded by CONWAY’S FAMOUS TT BOARD GAME. This is a regular annual event much loved by the members. They find the imaginative ‘chance’ cards hilarious each year. Whether this is because Conway is a master of humour or they have forgotten them from last year is debatable! Lawrence, playing for the first time, was final winner. The reward is the privilege of writing the months report. All the members assured him this was indeed a great honour and accolade. Next year I’m going to make sure I lose.

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