Moto Challenge of Britain

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Eamonn Townsend

Moto Challenge of Britain

Postby Eamonn Townsend » Fri Feb 14, 2003 12:00 am

We all know it takes time for people to realise something new is good, but Nick Sanders has launched his new project the MOTO CHALLENGE of BRITAIN.

Having successfully organised the world’s toughest around the world motorcycle expedition - the 30 000 mile Motorcycle World Challenge - he has now brought together a team of dedicated motorcyclists to set up a number of endurance events in different parts of the world.

With trophies, medals and prize money at stake totalling thousands of pounds, an ingenious set of challenges awaits the individual rider and specially grouped teams of three. This 8 day event starts on the 2nd August 2003.

Having been introduced to the crowd by the MC, each team will be flagged away by officials from the podium start at one minute intervals. Designed to test the abilities of riders who can think hard as well as ride hard, individuals and teams will do battle on a route that will cover the length and breadth of Britain and the Isle of Man on legendary biker roads: from the Pass of the Cattle to the Cat and Fiddle, from Devils Bridge to Douglas....

One lap timed-trials will take place on some of the UK’s most loved small circuits. The jewel being a one lap observed circuit of the famous Isle of Man TT Mountain Course. Add to this a standing quarter of a mile from a Le Mans style start at Santa Pod, hill climb trials, bike skills tests and observational tasks, all incorporated into each days adventure riding and totalling 3000 miles over eight days starting in August.

And not forgetting the entertainment around the race tracks every evening, including the Rung What Ya Brung Party at Santa Pod, a String Quartet on the Isle of Mull and The Final Bash in Machynlleth with Lazer Shows.

If the concept of competition doesn’t appeal, then join in and follow the action in the ‘ladies and gentleman riders tourist class’.

Nick will be at the following shows: Scottish 8th/9th March,
Welsh 23rd/24th May, Stafford 26th/27th April.

Contact: Nick Sanders 01650 511701
Sharon Walker 01650 511301
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