EU Policy: Improved mobility for motorcyclists

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Eamonn Townsend

EU Policy: Improved mobility for motorcyclists

Postby Eamonn Townsend » Thu Jan 16, 2003 12:00 am

European Union Transport Policy for 2010:
Improved mobility for motorcyclists

FEMA has been successful in convincing the Transport Committee of the European Parliament to include Powered Two-Wheelers (PTWs) in the "White Paper on European Transport Policy for 2010". The objective is that the specific needs of PTWs are taken into account when the different aspects of the White Paper are developed, in the fields of road safety, pricing and mobility.

In its vote on the EU Transport Policy, setting general objectives to be achieved by 2010, the Regional Transport and Tourism Committee of the European Parliament adopted the amendments tabled by the Rapporteur Mr Izquierdo Collado and Mr Brian Simpson, in order to include PTWs. The text underlines that support should be given to improved mobility for motorcyclists through institutional investment, subsidies and legislation reflecting this preference.

FEMA sees this as a positive outcome of its campaign, as this White Paper gives general guidelines to be implemented by the EU Member States. This will result in PTWs being appropriately considered in national Transport plans.

Very importantly, this document sets the basis for the development of EU strategies in areas such as Road Safety, Pricing and Mobility. FEMA is currently working closely with the Rapporteur to have other amendments presented in favour of safer road infrastructure and reduced VAT rates on safety equipment and training when the EP Plenary considers the issue.

FEMA General Secretary Antonio Perlot comments: "Recognising the specific needs of Powered Two-Wheelers in traffic means taking full advantage of their contribution to relieving congestion in urban areas and at the same time improves their safety. We wish to thank the MEPs who are endorsing this FEMA campaign which is receiving cross-party support within the European Parliament".

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