New Hazard Faces Bikers

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Eamonn Townsend

New Hazard Faces Bikers

Postby Eamonn Townsend » Thu Jun 13, 2002 12:00 am

The BMF is concerned that a new design of traffic counter being used in Derbyshire could prove hazardous to motorcyclists.

The electronic traffic counter (replacing the familiar rubber tubes placed across the road) is encapsulated in a flat, hard-rubber block bolted to the road’s surface. The size of a small inverted tea tray, the device is 400mm square and 25mm high with chamfered sides designed to blend into the road’s surface, in effect, a man-made road bump potentially hazardous to the motorcyclist.

Already reports have indicated the risk of accidents, one incident happening when the rider, riding in bad weather, suddenly noticed one on a bend and swerved to avoid it, narrowly missing the curb in the process.

The BMF has taken the issue up with Derbyshire Constabulary and the UK importer and are pleased to report that the importer, Highway Care, has now instigated independent safety tests. However, the BMF wants all riders to be aware of these devices and report their location to the BMF.
Said BMF Spokesman Jeff Stone: “We understand the need for traffic monitoring and appreciate that technology moves on, but bolting blocks the size of an inverted tea tray in middle of the road is an accident waiting to happen”.

Note: The traffic counters, made by the American company Nu-Metrics, also measure vehicle length and speed. See for photographs.

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