Heart of England notes July 2008

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Heart of England notes July 2008

Postby lawrence » Sun Dec 14, 2008 5:24 pm

At Heart of England, the first meet of June brought Conway’s treasure hunt. Always very enjoyable, this year it was even more amusing as every contestant seemed to be called Eric! It was Mick and Tina’s first entry and only the mis-identification of ash leaves denied them first place! We were delighted to meet the lovely Tina and look forward to seeing her again. As everyone else prevaricated, Bob roared round to win the coveted Laurel wreath aboard his model 18 with a near perfect score. Pam told us of the section’s French expedition. John, Geoff, Louise, Rick, Terry, Barry, Pam, Dave and Elaine set sail. Chris and Liz kindly hosted the first two days of the outing at their chateau. Their stock of beer was quickly denuded and Rick’s new pipe was filled with tobacco for its maiden puff. Sadly, following these intoxicants, Popeye gave Brutus a sore head. The attached photos prove that I have not made this up, as if I would! On one outing we lost John, when a fire crew and gendarmes confused us and consequently Dave imprisoned Elaine under their bike to make her behave! Rick and Chris did a wife-swap for one day so Liz had a toy boy to take out for a treat, whilst Chris returned early to the chateau with a young lady (are you sure she’s a lady?…Ed). Our personal little cloud followed our adventures, pouring down. When the crew got back, rumours abounded as to why so little work had been done by C & L, fuelled by Chris saying “we had to take our clothes off before getting started”. Later, the court martial took place of Richard Edwards for dereliction of duty on the morning run, when he opted to go in the Healey rather than on his bike. Luckily the judge (Patrick) found him not guilty but said he only accepted Euros please! Further to this, Elaine was found guilty of indecent exposure and of being drunk and disorderly causing her to molest lucky Dave! Our intrepid band, having consumed all of the Talbot’s provender, set off to Verdun. That’s another story which you can read on our all new website www.ajs-matchless.com/heartofengland Coming up; 24th July an evening run to Dave’s aeroplane collection and the wonderful Ton-up day at Jack’s Hill café on the 20th July. Relive the best time of your life!

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