mystera R 7 Engine with encapsulated Valves

Information relating to Matchless and AJS Models built prior to 1939
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mystera R 7 Engine with encapsulated Valves

Postby winzling racing » Mon Nov 26, 2018 1:09 pm

Hi Guys,

I found a very special R 7 engine with encapsulated valves and restored it with my friend Raimond. Unfortunately, I have no information about his history. :(
Please help me to find information about this interesting engine.

factory-built, or by a professional for use at Dirttrack or BROOKLANDS ??

Maybe someone of you, or friends, or acquaintances somewhere has a photo, or a text that reveals this engine. or describes.

Here I have set a small picture story in Youtube:

And here is a link to the pictures - but you have to register there before: ... tor-R.html

Thank You


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Re: mystera R 7 Engine with encapsulated Valves

Postby Rob Harknett » Mon Nov 26, 2018 11:40 pm

Comp bikes were altered from day one to suit the rider. Perhaps home built from bits. I am not aware of a 1929 MR7. There were !929 MR6 350 and MR8 500 OHV Speedway models. Perhaps your bike is one of these that ended up getting a modified 1930 R7 OHC engine fitted. It is painted as a 1929 model. I am aware some earlier Coil valve spring models got hairpin spring top ends. Cannot see much of the bike to see if it was once an MR6 OHV or OHC model

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