Found a 1962 G15 Drag Bike.

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Re: Found a 1962 G15 Drag Bike.

Postby mdt-son » Fri Feb 23, 2018 5:58 pm

g80csp11 wrote:I guess the obvious is that the crankshaft is the most fragile part of the bike
standard head gaskets really are Ok if torqued up correctly
650 G12 cranks can break when you least expect it , not just when running on full load

No, it isn't. The nodular crankshafts were introduced for the 1962 model year (i.e., from september 1961 on). At the time AMC launched the G15/45 (first batch in spring/summer of '62), the nodular crankshafts had been made for months and of course this improved crankshaft went into the G15/45. I've never heard of a nodular iron crank ever breaking.

The engine in question here appears to be from the second batch of G15/45 bikes being built, which was in the autumn of 1962 for the 1963 model year. I doubt any '45 was made in 1963 but Mike's booklet probably has the definite answer.

Knut Sonsteby


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