Norton type wheels

Information relating to the Matchless G15 or AJS Model 33 750cc twin. This also includes the G15 Mk II and the G15/45
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Norton type wheels

Postby unedo » Wed Jan 21, 2009 10:55 pm

With my 1967 Matchless G15 CSR which I purchased in pieces, were two rear wheels. One with a rusty rim and bare hub with just the inner sleeve and the bearings in it, and one with no rim but everything else including a highly polished hub even with a wheel spindle.
I decided to use this hub and started fitting new bearings but found that the double row bearing would not press in fully. I discovered that the two inner sleeves were different so I used the inner sleeve from the incomplete wheel and then the bearings went in OK. This is when I first started to realise that a Norton type wheel for a Matchless is not quite the same as a Norton Norton wheel. Inserted the brake drum attachment stud and then offered the drum/sprocket up to the hub. I had read Paul Morins excellent article on the Atlas hybrids and noted his comment that the hub spindle distance piece on the right hand side was a different length on the Hybrids compared to the Norton heavy twins so had ordered this part and duly fitted it so at least I was not caught out there.
I slotted this assembly into the rear fork and the first thing I noticed was that the hub sprocket was thinner than the gearbox final drive sprocket. Back to the books and I discovered that Nortons used a 1/4inch final drive chain while the Hybrids use a 3/8inch chain.
Not too much of a problem as I was able to order a brake drum sprocket assembly from Russells that had a thicker sprocket.
All problems resolved so far but then came the really puzzling bit.
The wheel spindle on both sides is much too small a diameter and is much too loose on both sides. The wheel spindle that enters from the right side is listed as a seperate part for Hybrids or Nortons but I could not find the Matchless spindle listed anywere. But what is a bit more odd is that the spacer that I fitted that side which is unique for the Hybrids fits the spindle OK but is of a diameter which is only just big enough to prevent itself from being pulled through the rear fork end when the spindle is tightened.
In measurements,-
The spindle is 0.56ins. diam. and the gap between the rear fork end on the right side is 0.68ins.
The brake drum attachment stud on the left side has two flats on the stud where it passes through the fork end presumably to stop it turning when the left side wheel nut is tightened, this it does not do because it is just of a diameter (0.68ins) that it can turn in the fork end and when the flats are in line with the fork, the spindle is very loose.
I can if needed get over this by sleeving the spindle both sides but am puzzled as to what sort of a spindle is needed to make it fit in the very wide rear fork ends.
Would appreciate if anyone could throw any light on this

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Norton type wheels

Postby unedo » Wed Jan 28, 2009 11:47 pm

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Norton type wheels

Postby unedo » Wed Jan 28, 2009 11:52 pm

I did get a private message suggesting that the swinging arm may have been altered and sure enough when I looked very closely I could see that the ends have been opened up.
Hard to imagine what for, it must have been for a very big wheel spindle.

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Re: Norton type wheels

Postby mdt-son » Tue Feb 05, 2019 1:13 pm


Does someone have the complete dimensions of NM24882 Spindle, rear wheel? It was fitted on all 1964-on roadsters.
This part is not available with Andover Norton, Russell Motors, or AMOC. I don't think Molnar supplies it either, maybe on special order.



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