G15CS/N15CS 1966 #117662

Information relating to the Matchless G15 or AJS Model 33 750cc twin. This also includes the G15 Mk II and the G15/45
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G15CS/N15CS 1966 #117662

Postby Selwyn Rhodes. » Thu Jan 25, 2001 7:55 am

Hello Gang,
I have asked before but alas to no avail, but I feel sure there is someone out there who can advise me where I can get a copy of the wiring loom, and an exploded diagram of frame and cycle parts.For the above machine As I have one in pieces a little assistance would be apreciated.

Please Help

Regards. Selwyn Rhodes (England)

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G15CS/N15CS 1966 #117662

Postby silverarrow » Thu Jan 25, 2001 4:40 pm

Go to www.brucemainsmith.com

They do a copy Spares list and a copy of the sales brochure for '66, your model.

Les Smith (No relation)
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