2 questions about frame and ignition switch

Information relating to the Matchless G12 or AJS Model 31 650cc twin
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2 questions about frame and ignition switch

Postby Sibs6 » Thu Mar 19, 2020 2:05 pm

I bought a new ignition switch LUCAS PRS8 .The wiring around the switch do NOT match my original nor the electrical diagram in the service manual.
Should I re wire the switch to match mine which does correspond with the manual.

Secondly, The rear section of a twin frame from say 56 to 59. Are they different? My 59 oil tan and tool box fit perfectly but the cover that closes across the front of them has a roughly 3/8 gap in the bottom and almost 3/4 in ch gay at the top.
All pics I see this cover fits tightly to contour to the front of them. I have 2 covers both for a 59 See pic provided.
I am wondering if the back of the frame is incorrect.
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