resister spark caps

Information relating to the Matchless G9 or AJS Model 20 500cc twin
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Re: resister spark caps

Postby robcurrie » Sun Oct 22, 2017 5:10 pm

The principle of the air gap is that it allows a higher voltage to build up before the arc can jump the gap. A mate at school had a two stroke 50 that kept getting a bit of carbon bridging the spark plug electrode. Instead of removing the plug each time the engine died, he just held the plug lead about a half inch from the plug and kicked the engine over. The fatter spark would usually dislodge the carbon and the engine would start!

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Re: resister spark caps

Postby rump » Tue Oct 24, 2017 4:42 am

Well Groily i read your recommended article a lot of words to say the spark gap works i did not know aero planes used them,. his test on planes we done at low revs. I chased a longer spark on speedway bikes 60 years ago by cutting the timing cover off and fitting points in the sump and used a 6volt car coil and a 12volt battery as it only had to run 2 minutes then come in change to another coil as it got to hot to do any longer it was a big spark better than some magneto,s Groily i think you put me onto the seal in the sump of the G9 2 years ago. Thank you. rump australia.


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