Information relating to the Matchless G9 or AJS Model 20 500cc twin
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Postby stuart132 » Sun Apr 02, 2017 5:47 am

AJS Model 20 1956,
I am looking at purchasing a crank shaft for the above bike does anyone know what the following markings mean '5' 'M18' & 'A' (see attached pictures) I thought the M18 may indicate a 500 single but as you can see from the photo it is a twin crankshaft. The crank pins measure 1.616" (-050") this could be the '5' marking?
The Webs (not sure if that is the correct name) where the markings are, are of a different shape to my original, could this indicate that it is not for a 500cc?
Any information on identifing the crankshaft would be appreciated

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