Correct configuration of '55 18S

Information relating to the Matchless G80 or AJS Model 18 500cc Heavyweight.
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Re: Correct configuration of '55 18S

Postby Antoni » Wed May 22, 2019 8:14 am

Thanks for the info about the forum and club priveliges.

I've always wanted a 50s 500 single. Thought my rough but fairly original G3LS would scratch the itch but it hasn't. An AMC bike was therefore well down on my list because I have one, but this very local AJ was at a modest price so I bought it. Unfortunately I broke my golden rule of only buying a bike which has not seen a spanner for a good few hundred miles. The gearbox was fine for the first 25 miles or so but needs looking at now. Despite its deficiencies riding the bike is still a pleasant experience.

The vendor explained that the bike was far from original. It has a V5 in my name, its original log book and a club "Authenticated copy" stamped and signed.

I should not have said "being a rivet-counter kind of person", although I admire their work I'm not one. But finding and fitting correct parts from whatever source (as I did with the G3LS) is a companion hobby to actually riding the bike. The photos and info already given is appreciated! The AJ is there to ride while I concentrate on improving the Matchy.


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