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Information relating to the Matchless G3 or AJS Model 16 350cc Heavyweight
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Re: New purchase

Postby spurrea » Thu Oct 05, 2017 9:44 am

spurrea wrote:
uktom77 wrote:Keep fluids in - sun shining = ride, raining = dream about riding. That's my winter regime!

Where is the women music and beer?

Thanks Alan for your wise words
1) insurance a popular choice seems to be to insure with Peter James so tyhat is who I went with and I selected the minimum < 1,500 miles for £92 fully comp
2) Great minds think alike - I have a full face helmet I use for my other bike but thought an open face would be better on the Ajay so have I just bought a Bell (I like to buy British when I can)
3) Fair point, I am glad I don't drive a Vauxhall or a VW!
Thanks again


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