Advanced Driver/Rider Training Project

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Eamonn Townsend

Advanced Driver/Rider Training Project

Postby Eamonn Townsend » Fri Nov 08, 2002 12:00 am

FEMA states the riders' views and concerns

The Final Report of a project on Advanced Driver/Rider Training was presented at an Information Meeting held on 23rd October 2002 in Brussels. FEMA was present to state the views and concerns of motorcyclists on the conclusions reached in the Project which was undertaken by CIECA, the International Driving License Examiners' Organisation.

The Final Report of the officially called "Advanced" project is making recommendations for advanced driver/rider courses. It also proposes the development of a voluntary European Quality Label for advanced courses.

FEMA is not questioning the value of improving advanced training schemes, but having read the content of the Final Report and the conclusions drawn by CIECA, we believe that the concerns raised by us at the launch of the project two years ago, were justified.

The project overwhelmingly concentrated on the car drivers' post-license training and FEMA believes that it has failed to adequately address or propose measures to improve the present situation for riders. With the specific needs of riders receiving little attention, FEMA fears that this will result in the solutions proposed for drivers being imposed on riders.

FEMA views with great concern the Advanced project's promotion of compulsory post-license training, as has been introduced in Luxembourg. The Final Report contains "Guidelines for countries wishing to introduce obligatory second phase training". FEMA is against the development of such arrangements at the European level, one of the reasons being that there is no evidence supporting their road safety benefit.

FEMA also believes that addressing the issue of Advanced training at this stage is putting the cart before the horse. European motorcyclists have serious reservations about focussing on experienced rider training while there are still so many problems with basic rider training in Europe. The CIECA Report recognises that the present approach of the trainees being taught how to improve their riding skills through a fixed programme is not desirable. FEMA agrees but believes this can only be explained by the weaknesses of the Initial training arrangements in Europe. Unfortunately the Project does not offer workable solutions to the problems.

Bob Tomlins, FEMA Assistant General Secretary, said: "We recognise that many riders are not getting value from the advanced training that they pay for. Unfortunately the position is unlikely to improve as a consequence of this project. FEMA is committed to improving initial rider training in Europe. When that has been done we will have a sound foundation from which advanced rider training can be developed."

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