I have acquired some Matchless parts

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I have acquired some Matchless parts

Postby eight0 » Tue Apr 23, 2019 10:28 am

Hello all,

This is my first post here. I have acquired a load of Matchless parts as a family member has passed and am looking for ID help and then ultimately I will be selling the parts (not on the forum obviously)

I've done a bit of reading but I'm not familiar with British bikes at all, I've only worked with old Jap bikes.

There are two crank cases along with most of the gearing, crank shafts rods and pistons. G3/42483 and 54/16MS 22247

2 cylinder barrels, one early model with the external pushrods and one later with the internal. I think one might be a 350 and the other a 500.
There are 2 cylinder heads, one complete (external pushrod) and the other looks new but missing all the parts (internal pushrod) and 4 rocker covers.
A few timing covers - one forward facing and one reverse, a couple of the later model points casings and covers, a magneto and various other bits and bobs including main bearings and cams. There is also a set of forks.

I've tried to photograph everything.. Any help would be much appreciated. Link to photos:
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Thanks in advance


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Re: I have acquired some Matchless parts

Postby clive » Wed Apr 24, 2019 8:06 am

Not quite sure what you are hoping for from club members. If you are looking to sell you could put them individually on eBay, but it's a lot of work and people get shirty if you don't dispatch the same day. You could advertise them here for a mere £5 (through PayPal) with a link to your photos and ask for offers, either as a job lot or individually. There are some useful parts there but nothing unobtainable. Email me at adverts@jampot.com if you want help with advertising. Regards Clive Adverts Editor
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