21" spoke length for 1958 30CS model

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Re: 21" spoke length for 1958 30CS model

Postby clive » Wed Aug 08, 2018 3:41 pm

Apologies to all as this post may become pretty long.
"Matchless" I rebuilt a 1958 G11CS, the Matchless version of the AJS 30CS from parts bought as one package on ebay and got it on the road about 5 years ago. The major parts seemed to be original (frame and engine left the factory together as one machine) but quite a few of the parts had been missing I suspect and bought by a collection of previous owners who never got it back in one piece, judging by the various names and addresses on the boxes they came in. Ultimately when I went to register it thinking it was a re-import from the US, where many of these bikes went, I found out it was sold to its first owner in Glamorgan Wales and I am only the second registered owner. I found it difficult to get photos of how the bike should look and to find a definative parts list. You might therefore be interested in http://archives.jampot.dk where there is a wealth of information about our bikes and some information on our model. In particular you will find a general parts list for the twins at http://archives.jampot.dk/book/Spares_lists/1958_AJS_Spares_List_Hw_singles_twins.pdf and a more specific one for the special parts fitted at http://archives.jampot.dk/book/Spares_lists/1958_AJS_Competition_Supplemental_Spares_List.pdf.

So why all this info? The rear hub you have described with the 5 steel pins is the 1955 one year only QD hub. This is actually the hub that came with my bike and I built with an 18 inch rim. Spokes for that and for the 21 inch front wheel came from Central Wheels. However I have since been told that perhaps the CS should not have a QD hub. Close inspection of the supplemental spares list shows the rear brake drum listed as 021634 and the bolt retaining it as 021635. This is not the number of the 55 QD parts.

So if you are a "it must be right" type of guy you might want to do some more research. Personally I wanted to get mine on the road at the least cost, and the QD facility is ok. The only problem is that with the metal pins you may find the holes are worn in the drum. Oversize ones were made and 5 years ago Russells still had some in stock.

Private message me If I can help with other info. The performance of these models makes the effort of getting them up and running worthwhile.
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Re: 21" spoke length for 1958 30CS model

Postby matchless » Sun Aug 19, 2018 12:03 am

Hi Clive, Thanks for your continued input, so far so good. Unfortunately I will have to put the rebuild off for a few months as I am going overseas and the people I am relying on for painting and machining are taking their time. It is harder to get anyone to do a one off job, in a reasonalbe time, these days. However, the project is looking fantastic as things are starting to take shape, I will confirm the 21" spoke length once I get around to lacing the wheel. In the meantime, I confirm the rear hub for a CS uses the 5 steel pins as the rubber pin models were for the road bikes and I believe were a feature of the deluxe models. I have inspected several other CS models and they all have the 5 steel pin hub. I had my brake drum holes professionally enlarged and new oversize pins made to suit (See attached).
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Re: 21" spoke length for 1958 30CS model

Postby cbranni » Sun Dec 16, 2018 2:40 pm

Was the spoke length and gauge ever confirmed for 21" rim to full width hub?

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