To indicate or not to indicate?

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Re: To indicate or not to indicate?

Postby Plugsnpoints » Sun Oct 20, 2019 9:13 pm

How times change.

This is a quote from Motor Cycling magazine dated March 14th 1957 by A regular contributor called "Carbon"

Signally Silly is the title.

"According to recent Press reports, Mr Denis Howell, the M.P. for All Saints, Birmingham, intended to ask the Minister of Transport to introduce legislation making direction indicators essential for motorcyclists so that they "may be obliged to keep two handed control when cornering." Not surprisingly, it transpires that Mr. Howell has apparently never ridden a motorcycle. Those who have will hardly appreciate his wasting the House's time with such a fatuous suggestion. I doubt very much that one handed cornering is a particularly prevalent habit, Signals should be made before not during a turn; and even when made during the manoeuvre they are far less dangerous than fallible electric devices on such a narrow vehicle as a solo. In fact, if I had to make any changes to the signalling regulations it would be that car drivers should always give hand signals in built-up areas in addition to any that may or may not be made by their fairy lights...

On the front cover of the magazine is an advert for a G3/LS with a smart gentleman in a suit and tie with a flat cap and goggles kick starting the machine!


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