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Re: The future

Postby Harry44 » Fri Apr 21, 2017 10:49 am

The biggest danger would be from the Green party. They used to publicise a policy of banning all motorcycles. They took it off their website but when I contacted them about it all I got was abuse.

Part of the problem with organisations such as the greens is because legislation on bike engines lag behind that for cars and way behind truck emissions, it creates the impression that bike engines are dirty. This is not true as my Pan European can pass the MoT test for cars equipped with a catalyst.
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Re: The future

Postby Rob Harknett » Fri Apr 21, 2017 10:55 am

There's more to it than just riding old motor cycles.
You only need to look at our clubs history.
Back in 1952 the club was formed for owners of A.M.C. motor cycles. This was at a time more people could afford to buy a motor cycle.
That era lasted about 15 years to 1967. The next 15 year era, 1967 - 1982 saw the motor cycle solo/combo as family transport decline as more could afford a car. By the late 1970's the club almost folded. It would have done so, had it not been for committee members putting in their own money, to keep the club going. 1982 - 1997 we enter a new era of restoration, preservation and riding of OLD A.M.C. motor cycles. There were many sections formed, that held runs, attended shows the many shows. It was also the peak era for holding rallies. 1997 - 2012. We see a decline in activity of the past era. Fewer runs and riders attending, fewer shows, fewer attending rallies. Although restoration and preservation continued.
2012. The next 15 year era 2012 - 2027 is already showing signs it will be an era of " collectors " During the past two era's we have built stock of parts, made into bikes awaiting this era. History is preserved in Archives, the bikes have been restored, as a club we have laid down the foundations for the new era of collectors. I myself have been a member of our club for a couple of era's. I rode my bikes when ever I could. Loaded up a 3 bike trailer and attended shows, when there was still many of them. Attended and camped at the many rallies. I am now entering the era of just becoming a collector.

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Re: The future

Postby kernow kid » Fri Apr 21, 2017 12:38 pm

My concern is more to do with the availability of you say, classic vehicles are such a tiny percentage of vehicles on the road that it will be an easy decision to ration petrol, increase its price and make it available through selected outlets...
Also for collectors, read investors too....we all know of people who have decided that a nice shiny classic Brit car or bike should offer a better return than
money in the bank. For these people any restrictions on actually using the bike on the road will be less important.
There maybe a time when the only chance youll get to hear a 650 twin running is at an official gathering of classic which case the club may well be in a good position to be a 'classic vehicle club approved for the running of petrol engined motorcycles'....
May all sound a bit doom and gloom and i'll definately be proud to be pulled over for illegal classic bike riding...sorry officer I didnt hear the siren.. :twisted:
Top tip - if it needs more than 2 bolts to hold it on, its probably important...


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