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Future Programmed Events  (update as of 31st July)

Since the easing of the Covid 19 Government lockdown restrictions some section members have met up several times at venues where correct social distancing can still take place while allowing conversation. While it is impossible to arrange any sort of programme for this sort of gathering as they are very much dependent on the weather they have been arranged via an email “string” centred on Roy, so if you wish to know about any possible “meet” then make sure that Roy knows your email address. If you aren’t using email in this way then phone him occasionally to get the latest information as any meets need to be at short notice. However they are usually on Wednesdays, so a call to Roy on a Tuesday will let you know if there is a run the following day and where. We still have no information as to when, or if, we will be able to go back to having our evening club nights at Stapleford. As soon as we know for certain then it will be announced on this page and in our section notes in the following issue of The Jampot.

We are still hoping to have our Christmas dinner this year (at the same place as last year) on 5th December and we need to know provisionally who is likely to want to attend (so far we have 19) so please let Roy know if you want to attend. Of course it all depends on what we are allowed to do at the time.

In the meantime, while this situation continues, it is hoped that section members will continue to use this section web site to keep involved and stop the section from fading if this goes on for some time. It would be especially good if you could send me an article about your bike(s), and any work that you may be doing, or have done in the past on it(them) and include a photo if you can. Then I can include it on the “bikes and Things” page. Please mail anything to me at  This is a different address to my usual one and is not monitored daily, but I will get back to you eventually.

WARNING : As Roy has all the email addresses members have been keeping in touch with a string of mails which are continued by everyone using the “reply to all” button. This is fine for general conversational chat and keeping in contact but please do not use this for including attachments or links to elsewhere and certainly never open an attachment appearing on these mails. Unfortunately it is not only our own health we need to be protecting at the moment but also that of our communications equipment. I received an email which was supposedly from Roy Bellett (at least that is what the heading said). It was just a few words to the effect that he meant to send “this” earlier. “This” being a link to goodness knows what. Being suspicious I checked the “real” address of the sender rather than the one initially shown, and found that it originated from someone in a country far from these shores. The link no doubt would have contained a different sort of virus to Covid 19. So please just use these mails for general conversations to everyone with no attachments and all should be well.  (24 Apr 2020)


Please see the general announcement made by Roy (as club chairman) on 17th March

Dear Section Secretaries

As we are sure you are aware, the next steps in the Government’s approach to the Coronavirus outbreak have recently been announced. The Prime Minister, alongside the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Scientific Officer, indicated that the United Kingdom is moving into a ‘Delay’ phase, the aim of which is to push the peak of the outbreak into the summer so as to give as much time as possible for further research into the virus and to ensure that the NHS is as prepared as it can be.  You will also have seen the more focused recent advice in relation to those over the age of 70, which describes a significant proportion of the Club’s membership.

Our recommendations are 

•             Section meetings should be suspended;
•             the Club should not attend shows and suchlike;
•             runs that involve a substantial amount of on-the-day organisation, and thus contact between participants and people such as marshals, sign-on staff or caterers, should be postponed or cancelled;
•             formal or social runs may take place at the Section Committee’s discretion, but should not include pre-run gatherings or stops at cafes, public houses or suchlike: if that is not practicable, the event should be postponed or cancelled.

We have postponed the Clubs open day at Kettering due to take place on the 2nd May

Cancelled the 2020 International rally 

We will not be attending the Stafford Show 

The 2020 Kent jampot is under review at this time. 

Sections are also asked to consider the situation of elderly or infirm Section members who may need live alone and/or need additional assistance at this difficult time.  Phone calls would in general be better than house calls, but please do think about those who may need a hand or a friendly voice that cares.

This is all common sense and am sure you will all agree with the above. it may well be some time before the Club can resume its normal activities. 

Regards, Roy Bellett

Update from 1st May 2020 – As noted in the current issue of “The Jampot” the Kent Jampot Rally has now been cancelled.

Update from 1st Aug 2020 – As noted in the August issue of “The Jampot” the Lincs Alternative Rally is now cancelled.

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Events shown on this page are programmed but may occasionally need to be

changed in some cases. They can be confirmed at short notice by contacting

Roy on 07860 824862 (daytime only) or Emailing us at